Why Work with Us

Why Work With Us


Learning & Development

Behn Meyer’s strongest asset is our people. In fact, all of our innovations and successes are thanks to our workforce. We work hard to invest in our employees to ensure they are equipped with the required skills for them to flourish at work.

Our annual performance review is designed to help employees and their reporting managers review which professional aspects require more focus and training. By analysing employee needs, we help them shape their career pathways and maximise their potential.

Apart from professional growth, Behn Meyer also emphasises personal development. Engagement programmes geared towards employee wellbeing and education offer better work fulfilment. Whether one is a new hire or a longtime employee, there is always a colleague on hand to offer advice and help achieve goals.


We strive to maintain a culture where everyone is proud of what they do and proud of the company. We place a high value on consistent employee engagement and the drive to excel at work. In addition to competitive benefits, we provide our employees with engaging programmes and fun events like sports meets.

Behn Meyer involves employees in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives. By collaborating on this, we seek to foster a spirit of sharing and empathy.


As a life sciences company, it is crucial for Behn Meyer to constantly enhance our innovation capabilities for a more sustainable future. Apart from investing in our R&D, we also reward our people for their inventive ideas.

To accelerate Behn Meyer’s progress towards sustainability, we have launched a Sustainability Campaign where all Behn Meyer employees across the globe are welcomed to share their innovative project ideas for more sustainable business operations. We create an atmosphere where the spirit of intrapreneurship is emboldened, our employees know that their ideas are valued and that they are making a real impact at Behn Meyer.