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We innovate solutions for a better, more sustainable world.
With over 183 years of experience under our belt, Behn Meyer has evolved into one of Asia Pacific's leading speciality chemical and agriculture sector suppliers, making impactful changes across all our core markets.

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Behn Meyer combines the distribution of renowned brands with the development of its own products.

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We are continually looking for innovative and environmentally friendly ingredients to provide a brighter future!
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Our cornerstones

Your mobile crop doctor

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bm AgriCare app is an easy-to-use mobile crop doctor app. Self-assess and troubleshoot your field crop dilemmas based on images of sick crops.

Our global network

Behn Meyer's global team of over 1,300 employees aims to provide the highest level of support for all our customers and suppliers. Our network covers more than 14 countries and is supported by multiple offices, warehouses and manufacturing plants in Asia, Oceania, Europe and the USA.

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