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As we aspire to lead by example, we present you our Sustainability Report which summarises our strategies to building a more sustainable business practice while creating a long-term value for our stakeholders.

We at the Behn Meyer Group recognise our obligation to the environment and the communities in and with which we operate. Thus, we are committed to furthering our business objectives and achieving our goals in a responsible and sustainable way.

In all matters, including the consumption of resources, environmental impact arising from our activities and community stewardship, we encourage all our businesses and business partners to practice sustainable development.

The Behn Meyer Sustainability Report is also one of the ways that Behn Meyer demonstrate our aspiration and commitment towards sustainability. This report outlines the strategies we are implementing in making sustainability more tangible throughout our value chain. As we continue to evolve, this Sustainability Report will help us gain a better understanding on where we can improve as an organisation.

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