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code of conduct

Code of Conduct and Business Ethics

The Behn Meyer Group adopts a formalised Code of Conduct and Business Ethics that is applicable to all employees, directors and third parties representing and working for the group. While it does not constitute legal advice, the code details acceptable behaviours while conducting work for or on behalf of the group.

This code underpins the Behn Meyer Group’s commitment to upholding high standards of business ethics and integrity across all our operations globally. We strive to ensure that all individuals under our employment abide by the code as proof of our commitment to ethical business practices.



    To create innovative solutions for a sustainable future.


    Behn Meyer upholds honesty, courage, hard work and reliability in conducting business. We believe that these are qualities of successful businesses.

    We value the principles of value creation, transparency, integrity, honesty, fairness and compliance with the law and authorities while pursuing our goals. We take pride in our work and our unique position within the industry.

    Our exciting history is full of examples of persistence, partnership and innovation. We continue to shape solutions for the future and focus on building lasting relationships with our customers and principals.

    We conduct business in a responsible and forward-thinking way to benefit our customers, principals and employees as well as the countries we operate in. 

    To achieve this, we:

    • Practice an open and partner-like relationship with our customers and principals.
    • Ensure that we possess high levels of competency and specialised knowledge in the businesses in which we are involved.
    • Apply team management principles in all our individual companies.
    • Encourage independent management of all our companies.
    • Promote cooperation amongst all our individual companies.
    • Motivate our staff through career development programmes.
    • Reinvest substantial portions of our profit.


    As a multinational group, we wish to see all our companies practicing the same values. For this reason, this code — which you are now reading — was created.

    This code lists down our commitment towards our employees as well as our rules for appropriate professional behaviour. This code applies to all our employees, stakeholders and business partners, including all companies under the Behn Meyer Group, which includes Behn Meyer, Intracare and Performance Additives; and we encourage our joint venture and associate companies to practice similar values. 

    This code may not cover all the laws that you are required to follow within your country or state. If there is a conflict between the local law and the rules of this code, you should obey the law. But if the conflict is between a local tradition and the code, you should abide by the code.

    This code may be amended from time to time to keep its contents up-to-date, and depending on your country of employment, a different edition of the code may be more applicable to you. Please get in touch with the Code of Conduct and Business Ethics Management Board for the version of this code that is most relevant to you.


    iv-a: A Diverse Workforce and Culture

    Behn Meyer celebrates a culture of diversity, respect and integrity. We have created an environment where colleagues may work happily together and trust one another, where we achieve our goals in a responsible and moral way.

    As a company, our responsibility is to: 

    • Set high standards of integrity across all our operations and to make sure our employees know of them.
    • Provide our employees with the training and tools they need in order to handle ethical or compliance issues while at work.
    • Ensure any complaints and reports are handled fairly, responsibly and confidentially.
    • Ensure that reports made with honest intentions are not punished.
    • Continually improve our methods of enforcing this code.

    iv-b: Compliance with Laws, Rules and Regulations 

    Behn Meyer is committed to complying with all laws, rules and regulations that are in force wherever we do business.

    iv-c: An Inclusive and Responsible Workplace

    Behn Meyer is committed to creating a workplace that is diverse, inclusive and productive where everyone respects one another as well as each other’s cultures regardless of differences.

    iv-d: Equal Opportunity

    Behn Meyer is committed to hiring and developing our employees based on their individual achievements and qualifications.

    iv-e: Safety

    Behn Meyer is committed to creating a workplace that is safe for our employees to work in. We continually ensure that our health and safety systems and protocols are up-to-date, properly maintained and meet industry standards, and we expect our contractors and visitors to take safety seriously as well.


    Every employee at Behn Meyer has a responsibility to work professionally and diligently.


    We expect our employees to do their jobs in good faith, in other words, with honest intentions. This includes paying attention to the small things such as coming on time and being present at work.

    Employees fail to act with honest intentions when they:

    • Do not obey the company’s working hours.
    • Leave the office during working hours without letting their superior know.
    • Do not show up at work without proper reasons.
    • Getting or trying to get sick days by lying.
    • Disobey or refuse their supervisor’s instructions, when the instructions are reasonable and not illegal.
    • Refuse to work.
    • Purposely slowing down their work, affecting the company’s productivity.
    • Sleep on duty.
    • Do anything that risks harming others or the company’s property.
    • Do anything that causes the company to risk losing its reputation or assets.

    If our employees do any of the things listed above, we will practice common sense and understanding to see if the incident was an honest mistake or a deliberate action, and so take action accordingly. However, if an employee keeps making the same mistakes, disciplinary action may have to be taken.


    What is a conflict of interest?

    A conflict of interest happens when your goals conflict with the company’s goals.

    Example A:

    You accept an expensive gift (such as a smartphone or a watch) from a potential supplier when you are deciding on appointing a new supplier to work with. This is a conflict of interest because when you accept the gift, your goal is personal; but the company’s goal is for you to decide on a new supplier fairly.

    Example B:

    You agree to help do some work for another company or organisation (that is not Behn Meyer). This is a conflict of interest because your goal is to help another company or organisation, but Behn Meyer’s goal is for you to fully focus on your full-time job with Behn Meyer.

    In Example A, it is possible that you could have accepted the gift and also made the decision to hire a new supplier fairly. But most of the time, the impression itself that your decision may have been influenced is sufficient to cause suspicion and unhappiness.

    If you are unsure whether you are in a conflict of interest, you may ask your supervisor for clarification.


    What is personal data?

    Personal data is information about a person that, if made known to another, may place them in a position of danger, discomfort or potential loss, such as the person’s name, address, contact number and identity card or passport number.

    Personal data also includes personal information such as the person’s religious beliefs or political opinions, legal history or physical and mental health evaluation results. At Behn Meyer, we have implemented a privacy policy that is specifically tailored for each country according to the local laws.

    While you are working with Behn Meyer, you may come across such personal data. When you process personal data, you have the responsibility to handle the data it in accordance with our privacy policy. 


    What are secret profits?

    A secret profit is any profit made by an employee without the knowledge of the managing director — that is, any profit made out of your work at Behn Meyer besides your salary and any commission you may earn.

    As an employee of Behn Meyer, you are to reject any secret profits offered to you.


    What are gifts and entertainments?

    Gifts and entertainments are an important part of maintaining and developing business relationships: You may find yourself sending gifts to your contacts in Behn Meyer’s network during special occasions or treating customers to a meal from time to time.

    You must be careful when giving or receiving gifts and entertainments that they are not excessive. For example, gifting a fruit basket during a festive season would in most cases be acceptable; however, gifting an expensive watch or jewellery would be too much and unacceptable.

    Gifts and entertainments must be given and received with the understanding that they are only part of normal business courtesies, and that they are not intended to influence one’s decisions.


    During normal working hours, employees are not supposed to spend their time on social media platforms. When accessing social media platforms off working hours, Behn Meyer encourages you to use these platforms responsibly so that it reflects positively on yourself as well as on Behn Meyer.


    What are intellectual properties?

    Intellectual properties are any ideas, trademarks, patents and brands that are legally owned by a person or a group, such as formulations, strategies and designs, among other things.

    As an employee of Behn Meyer, you have the responsibility to keep our intellectual properties safe by not sharing or distributing them outside the company.


    Behn Meyer has prepared many assets, equipment and systems — computers, servers, firewalls and programmes — to assist you in doing your work. We seek your cooperation to protect these assets by preventing them from being stolen, abused, misused or damaged.

    In addition, you must not access, download or distribute anything that is illegal or offensive using the company’s equipment.

    Here is how you can protect Behn Meyer’s resources:

    1. Appropriate Use
      There are always security risks when one uses IT assets. You can minimise this risk by only using Behn Meyer’s resources for work activities.

    2. Equipment
      You can also protect company equipment by taking a few precautions: Always lock your computer when you step away from your work area, and minimise transfer of data between your personal computer and your work computer, as this may also transfer viruses and other harmful software. 

    3. Internet
      Be careful when using the Internet and social media. You may access the internet for work activities, but you must not abuse this privilege by using the company’s internet for other purposes.

    4. Email
      An email system is provided to you for work activities. All emails are saved on the company server and are subject to review by the company for the employee’s protection. Keep in mind that when you send emails from the company’s system, you are representing the company.


    What are unauthorised meetings?
    Unauthorised meetings are any meetings conducted without notifying the management for the purpose of complaining about the company, or to take actions that might negatively affect the company and its employees.

    Additionally, you are not allowed to distribute printed materials without first getting the management’s permission.

    For example:
    Your friend started an online baking business and gave you a stack of flyers to hand out. You may not hand these flyers out in the company without getting the management’s permission.


    Behn Meyer commits to reporting financial information accurately and reliably. When you report or record any financial information, be sure to follow all proper international accounting standards and local rulings, as well as the company’s policies and procedures. 

    Furthermore, all documents, approvals and receipts must be safely kept for our internal records.


    We keep a record to track our staff’s attendance to work and other events, such as trainings. You must not interfere with this process in any way.


    If you find out that a department has paid you more than what you are supposed to receive, you have the responsibility to immediately notify the department that made the overpayment.


    Behn Meyer commits to creating a workplace that is safe and conducive for work where everyone respects and trusts one another. In this way, everyone may excel at his or her work.


    What is harassment?

    Harassment is any unwelcome action that is based on race, religion, sex, nationality, age or health that causes others to feel hurt, intimidated, offended, shamed, angered or scared.

    Behn Meyer does not tolerate any kind of harassment. Not only is harassment harmful to the victim, it is also harmful to the business.

    Harassment is serious when:

    1. The harassing actions begin to affect one’s work performance; or 
    2. The harassing actions are serious enough one feels afraid, angered or excessively stressed out at work. 

    Harassment may include things like offensive jokes and displays, inappropriate physical contact, name-calling, threats and insults. Harassment can happen in many ways, including the following:

    • The harasser may be the victim’s direct supervisor, a supervisor from another area, a co-worker or someone from the outside.
    • The victim may not always be the person being directly harassed. Anyone affected by the harasser’s actions is a victim.
    • Harassment does not always involve violence.
    • The harasser may not know that he or she is causing others to feel afraid, angered or shamed.

    If you feel harassed at Behn Meyer, you are encouraged to tell the harasser directly that his or her actions are unacceptable. If the harasser does not stop, you should report it to the management and human resources department at an early stage to prevent the matter from becoming more severe.


    Behn Meyer is a substance abuse-free workplace. During working hours, while on the company’s premises or when conducting business, you must not be under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any other controlled substance.

    Furthermore, all employees are not allowed to make, own, buy or sell illegal drugs and alcohol or other intoxicating substances. Employees are also not allowed to abuse prescription drugs while on the company’s premises or during working hours. When you are off work, we also encourage you to behave responsibly so that you may report to work healthy and alert.

    You must not bring any lethal weapons to the office. The police may be called in a situation where others feel unsafe. Also, you must not smoke anywhere in the office, unless there is a sign stating that the area is a smoking zone.

    During special occasions, some alcohol may be served. But employees must never be under the influence of alcohol while driving, operating machinery or while conducting business. While drinking, you must also to take care to behave in a way that is respectable and appropriate.


    As an employee of Behn Meyer, you are to present a clean and professional appearance. While working, whether on or off company premises, you are required to dress in a way that is respectable and appropriate for your position.


    When you have relationships in the workplace that are more than professional relationships and social friendships, others may perceive a conflict of interest whether or not a conflict exists. If you are involved in such a relationship with another employee, you should notify the human resources department. 

    However, Behn Meyer strongly frowns upon extramarital relationships, especially within the company.


    Behn Meyer is an ethical and responsible business organisation that operates within the confines of the law wherever we operate.


    What are bribes and corruptions?

    Bribes are any forms of money offered in order to secretly influence a decision. Bribes fall under the general category of corruptions, which induces any unethical activity where someone with a powerful position acts in a way they should not in order to benefit himself or herself.

    Behn Meyer has a zero-tolerance policy towards bribery and corrupt activities. Employees must not give or receive bribes under any circumstances.


    What is money laundering?

    Money laundering is when someone gains money illegally (such as extortion, insider trading, drug trafficking or illegal gambling) and passes it through legal channels in order to make it look like the money was earned legally.

    All employees are not allowed take part in any money laundering activity. If you spot any movement of money that looks suspicious, you should request for a review by a finance officer. If you suspect that money is being laundered through the company, you should report immediately to your superior.


    What are antitrust and competition laws?

    Many countries have competition laws that prohibit anti-competition practices such as collusion and price fixing among companies.

    Behn Meyer supports fair competition according to the laws and guidelines of each country. When making decisions on behalf of Behn Meyer, you have the responsibility to obey all relevant antitrust and competition laws.


    What is confidential information?

    All of Behn Meyer’s business dealings and information, including our strategies, financial plans, pricing policies, licenses and suppliers’ information, are considered confidential information.

    While working with Behn Meyer, you may come across such confidential information. You should keep such information secret by not sharing with other employees except when necessary for work purposes.

    Whether during your time with Behn Meyer or outside of it, you must not share Behn Meyer’s confidential information with anyone outside the company.

    Other examples of confidential information are:

    • Financial and Accounting information.
    • Data of customers / business partners.
    • Customer lists (existing and prospective).
    • Formulae, patents, new technologies or trade secrets.
    • Data entrusted to the company by external parties, e.g. customers & vendors.
    • Pricing or marketing and other undisclosed strategies.
    • All documents and processes.
    • Unpublished goals, forecasts and initiatives.
    • Employee personal and employment data e.g. payroll records, bonus payments, commissions, legal documents and clinical data.
    • Expense reimbursements to employees.

    Behn Meyer is committed to sustainable business practices, and obeys all laws around the world that relates to the protection of the harmony and health of our surrounding communities and the environment.


    Behn Meyer is committed to preserving the environment in our business activities. Our Safety, Health and Environment Division has the responsibility of ensuring that our activities prevent pollution and cause minimal negative impacts to the environment.

    However, all employees also have the responsibility to comply with the policy. As a whole, Behn Meyer commits to:

    • Comply with all legal requirements.
    • Prevent pollution, minimise waste as well as the consumption of resources.
    • Teach, train and encourage environmental awareness and responsibility among our employees.
    • Encourage environmental protection among our suppliers and subcontractors.
    • Dispose of hazardous materials in a responsible and ethical way.

    Behn Meyer commits to complying with all laws and regulations related to environmental protection. For more information on our environmental policy, you may refer to our Health, Safety and Environment Officer.


    Behn Meyer commits to the support of the communities in which we operate. We recognise our role as not only a business entity organised for profit, but also a steward and agent of positive change for the world around us. 

    By partnering with schools and charities, we seek to give back to and empower the communities around us.


    As a company that has been a citizen of the world since 1840, the Behn Meyer Group is committed to furthering our business objectives in a responsible and sustainable way. 

    We practice sustainable development across all our businesses, and we encourage our business partners to do the same. Through frequent monitoring and engagement with the communities in which we operate, we aim for continuous improvements in the way we expand our businesses.



    In order to make this code effective, Behn Meyer will require the following:

    • Periodic training on what the rules in the code mean, as well as their application;
    • Periodic checks of important files and records; and 
    • Every employee to report any action that does not comply with the law or this code. 


    Every employee is expected to follow this code. If you see any action that does not comply with the law or this code, you should report it to the Code of Conduct and Business Ethics Board. Behn Meyer is committed to taking action fairly, responsibly and confidentially.

    Anyone who disobeys the law or this code may have to face legal consequences as well as disciplinary actions by the company, including where appropriate termination. Everyone is responsible for his or her own compliance with the law and this code.

    All managers also have the responsibility to make sure everyone in their department fully understands everything in this code.


    If you have any questions about the Code of Conduct and Business Ethics or if you want to make a report, please contact your human resources department.

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