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BM Group: 14 February 2023

Dr Dirk Lorenz-Meyer and other HCSs was thanked at the 9th Meeting of Singapore Honorary Consuls-General (HCGs) hosted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs thanked Dr Dirk Lorenz-Meyer of Behn Meyer and other HCGs at the 9th Meeting of Singapore Honorary Consuls-General (HCGs) on 13rd February 2023. 

When Behn, Meyer & Co. first settled in Singapore, the country was still at the dawn of its rise. Over the decades, Behn Meyer has developed a strong partnership with the nation as it ushers in foreign investment into Singapore, while the country provides a strategic free trade hub for Behn Meyer and other German companies, being located in the heart of Southeast Asia.

As a testament to this partnership, Dr Dirk Lorenz-Meyer, the Chairman of the Behn Meyer Group, was appointed as Singapore's Honorary Consuls-General (HCG) in 2014, filling a role which was previously held by his late father, Dr Dieter Lorenz-Meyer. With this appointment, each HCG is responsible for promoting bilateral, political, economic and cultural links between Singapore and the countries they represent.

To thank him for his contribution as an HCG representing Germany, on 10th February 2023, Dr Dirk was invited to the 9th Meeting of Singapore HCGs hosted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA). During the meeting, Dr Dirk also engaged in a separate dialogue with Singapore's ministers to discuss economic policies and matters related to foreign affairs.

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