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BM Coatings: 7 July 2022
The Key to Responsible Growth – Sustainability and Diversification

Once again, the Coatings business unit team members from all around the globe had come together for a webinar session to share insights on new sustainable products, industry segments and market trends in their own countries.

From the webinar discussion, it is clear that to grow the business responsibly, we must diversify the current product portfolio and step into unventured market segments.

The Coatings team is also thankful to our guest speaker, Ms Janice Yap from the Animal Nutrition division, who was able to share the benefits of Intra Multi-Des GA in the coatings and construction sector. With this product in the market, we will be one step closer to achieving Behn Meyer's vision to offer innovative products for a more sustainable tomorrow.

We are confident that our team members have benefitted from the fruitful topics discussed below:

· Intra Multi-Des GA: safe disinfectant for removing and preventing algae from forming on cement
· Products for the packaging industry
· Polyurethane Dispersion (PUD) for roof and floor coatings
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