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 Personal Care: 9 November 2012
Supplier training from Cosphatec and Naturalis
Two of our suppliers, Cosphatec and Naturalis, gave the Personal Care Group a training session at the Novotel Siam in Bangkok on 5 November. Mr Frank Brauns from Cosphatec, Germany started the training session at 9am and explained about the company and its product range.

Cosphatec is involved in the production, distribution as well as research and development into substances such as antioxidants, active substances, self preserving systems or emulsifiers. 

The company's core products are the alternative preservatives which are experiencing growing interest within the market. 

Behn Meyer is the exclusive distributor of Cosphatec's product range in Southeast Asia. Following a very interesting and interactive training session everyone then went for lunch together at the buffet restaurant in the hotel.

At 2pm Dr Cece from Naturalis, Italy explained to the team about their innovative active ingredients based on Niosome technology which is a delivery system that offers great effectiveness by penetrating under the skin. It is based on non-ionic vesicles and can keep lipophilic and lyophobic molecules at the same time. 

The company was recently established and now applies to cosmetics the technology which had previously only been used in pharmaceuticals. Behn Meyer's Personal Care Team is the distributor of Naturalis products in Southeast Asia (excluding Thailand).

The training sessions enabled the team to acquire in-depth information about highly effective and sophisticated products, meet the suppliers in person and ask relevant questions.

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