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BM Petrochemicals: 14 January 2011
Strong potential for Dorf Ketal additives in Vietnam's petrochemical industry
Dorf Ketal Chemicals, USA - a principal supplier of Behn Meyer Vietnam (BMVN) - is an internationally acclaimed producer of formulation-based downstream additives for the country's growing petroleum and petrochemical industry. The marketing and distribution efforts by BMVN for Dorf Ketal products began in 2007 and the first order commenced in 2009 with Dung Quat oil refinery (photo) - the country's first refinery - which is located in Quang Ngai province, Central Vietnam. The company markets all ranges of Dorf Ketal products for oil refineries, petrochemicals, fuel additives, polyurethane coatings, specialty catalysts and lubricant additives.

"The immediate emphasis for 2011 in Vietnam," says BMVN Executive Director Ms Bui Thi Le Hai, "is on anti-fouling agents and corrosion inhibitors for the petrochemical industry's CDU (crude distillation units), NHT (naptha hydro-treaters), NTU (naptha testing units), HDT (hydro treating units) and KTU (kerosene treating units).  

"Whilst the petroleum and petrochemicals industry in Vietnam is quite young, there are five projects in the pipeline and we envisage strong potential for Dorf Ketal business in future," she adds. 

Dorf Ketal is one of the world's largest manufacturers of specialty chemicals for use in oil refining, petrochemical and allied industries and has also earned a reputation for reliable quality. 

Ms Bui Thi Le Hai attended a half-day product knowledge update session held at Dorf Ketal Chemicals' Singapore premises in late June 2010. The briefing centred largely on DSU (data-service-units) for oil, petroleum and petrochemical refineries. 

"The training provided us with wider product knowledge of Dorf Ketal specialty chemicals in order to introduce them to the Vietnam market with confidence," points out Ms Bui Thi Le Hai.
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