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BM Rubber: 20 April 2017
Sharing Together, Growing Together
Rubber Seminar in Tangerang, Indonesia

On 20 April 2017, Behn Meyer Indonesia hosted a rubber seminar in Tangerang, Indonesia with the cooperation of Performance Additives, Sin Rubtech, Münch Chemie and Sabic Polymers.

The event saw a turnout of 80 people from the rubber industry representing the tyre and non-tyre sectors, and together we had a productive time networking as well as sharing knowledge and technical advice with one another. At the event, Performance Additives took the opportunity to introduce DFR, a new processing additive that improves dispersion, flow and release in tyre processing.

Sin Rubtech continued by sharing on Polymer Bound Pre-dispersed Chemicals (PBPCs), which boasts an advantage over powdered chemicals in improving rubber chemical dispersions. After that, Münch Chemie, the mould release specialists, introduced bladder coating products that extends bladder life and can also be used as bladder releases or inside paints.

When it came to Sabic Polymers, they took the opportunity to present EPDM rubber to the non-tyre market. As for the tyre market, they introduced future expansions to their polybutadiene rubber (BR) range, which will use nickel instead of cobalt and neodymium as a catalyst.

All in all, the event turned out to be a success and we look forward to more knowledge sharing sessions in the future. 

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