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BM Personal Care: 9 July 2019
Sharing is Caring

Personal Care Seminar with SEPPIC at Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

On 9 July 2019, the Behn Meyer Personal Care team in Malaysia and our partners from SEPPIC jointly organised a seminar to educate people on new concepts, ingredients and technology in sun protection.

The event was very popular, attracting 70 participants from over 30 different companies. Since the last time an event like this was organised, our number of participating companies have increased by 30%, a testament to the growth of the industry and our market share.

Mr. Badar Basir, the Executive Director of Behn Meyer Malaysia, opened the event with a welcome address before handing the time over to the invited guest speakers. Ms. Marty Lumain and Ms. Grace Sun—SEPPIC’s Asia Pacific Beauty Care Marketing Manager and Asia Customer Technical Service Center Manager respectively—then took to the stage to share on the latest industry trends and also to introduce SEPPIC’s technology and innovative concepts.

Also gracing the platform was Ms. Fanny Tanaka, who is a beauty care active ingredients expert based in Asia. During her two sessions, Ms. Tanaka shared on potential ingredients and actives that could prove useful in the formulation of suncare protection.

We received excellent responses from the participants, who were impressed by the knowledge and information that were shared. Throughout the day, the participants were engaged and interactive, even requesting for further product information and samples. We have since followed up on a number of their requests and conducted some in-house workshops to educate them on the correct way of using these powerful ingredients. We hope for more to come!
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