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BM Rubber: 14-16 October 2015
Regional Rubber Meeting 2015 in Bali, Indonesia
Behn Meyer Rubber held their regional meeting in Bali Indonesia on October 14th -16th 2015 with the participation of Behn Meyer Rubber delegates from China, Indonesia, Germany, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam, together with principals and representatives from Behn Meyer R&D. 

The three-day event started with the supplier’s training session and a business review followed by team building activities at the beach in the evening of the second day. These activities were not only relaxing but also gave the participants the opportunity to get to enjoy outdoor games and sports which strengthened them both physically and mentally.

The last day of the meeting involved projecting the country’s success story through a poster presentation. The participants voted on the projects with the five most popular ones being awarded prizes. This was followed by a group synergy workshop which enabled the momentum of the lively meeting to carry on until the very end.

The meeting itself really was highly successful and certainly helped to strengthen both the network and the relationships within the Behn Meyer Rubber team. Our approach is to continually share and support each other culturally in order to give ourselves the best possible preparation for the business challenges that await us in the future.
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