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BM Personal Care: 21-23 May 2014
Regional Personal Care meeting, teamwork training and supplier meetings in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Behn Meyer’s regional Personal Care teams met in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam for a “Strengthening International Teamwork” session on 21st May 2014.

A one-day training and workshop was arranged in the Novotel in Saigon Square in collaboration with Ace Management Services Ltd. The event was attended with enthusiasm by the personal care, home care and pharmaceutical sales people from Behn Meyer Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Philippines - and, of course, Behn Meyer Vietnam, who hosted the proceedings.

The session started with team exercises that involved brainstorming on achieving international teamwork. All the teams concluded that the top three challenges connected to this topic involved differences in culture, language and time zones with participants putting forward similar recommendations to overcome these challenges.

Dr. Ian Charles Turner A.I.S. M.B.A., Director and Academic officer of AMS, then helped the teams with the management of “building bridges”.

The members of all four teams worked together planning and discussing all the individual ideas. They built bridges of their own strategic design to meet target specifications that were limited by time and material constraints. The bridges had to cross rivers, enabling both traffic to pass over them and big vessels to pass underneath. In reality, these are the very strategies that will bridge the identified differences between Behn Meyer countries so that information and ideas can be successfully communicated at both ends.

The teams shared their successes in the activity and discussed what they should have avoided or overcome. The winning team generously shared their prize with the others – and everyone had a lot of fun! 
Dr. Ian Charles Turner - A.I.S. M.B.A.Director and Academic officer of Ace Management Services, Ltd - together with the Behn Meyer participants.
22 May 2014
The regional Personal Care meeting was held in the office on May 22nd with the team mostly discussing group suppliers and sharing their success stories.

Mr. Andrea Piegaia from Laviosa Chimica Mineraria S.p.A. conducted the afternoon training session, giving a thorough presentation of the company’s history, profile and portfolio as well as outlining its capabilities to support their partners. He then joined the group after the training for a delicious dinner in Ho Chi Minh City’s famous seafood restaurant.

Laviosa is one of Europe’s leading companies for research and the transformation of bentonites together with other clay minerals into high added-value ideas and solutions. Our own focus materials from Laviosa will be the bentonite-based fabric conditioning ingredients and thickeners when selling to the personal care and home care industry.

23 May 2014
Mr. Ken Jones and Mr. Frank Zhang from AloeCorp gave an interesting training session on Friday May 23rd, concerning the company’s history, company profile, process flow and certifications.

The session placed emphasis on Aloecorp’s unique aloe ingredients that benefit from the company’s patented MAP process (Modified Aloe Polysaccharide 50 – 200kD) which yields a threefold increase in the most highly bio-active MW fraction of the polysaccharide. 
Mr. Frank Zhang and Mr. Ken Jones (back row) together with Behn Meyer’s Personal Care team.
Mr. Kekin Doshi presented Paramount’s company profile and their main products in the afternoon. The products include powder and liquid optical brighteners as well as Dolosel which Paramount is aggressively promoting for both laundry and dish washing.

We give special thanks to our suppliers for these interesting training sessions which provide common advantages and strengthen cooperation. The 3 days meetings have really helped to develop camaraderie among colleagues and have also promoted the sharing of ideas, good practices and success stories.
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