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BM Personal Care: 16-19 June 2015
Regional Personal Care meeting in Bali, Indonesia
Sixteen colleagues from the regional Personal Care team (Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and Germany) arrived in Bali on June 16th, 2015 and met up for a nice and relaxing welcome dinner with typical Balinese food. 

The meetings over the following two days involved each country presenting their developments, strategies and future outlook for the coming years. Discussions were held concerning group suppliers and the best approaches that should be adopted to maximise both customer satisfaction and sales revenue. The strategy of sharing success stories was seen to be a valuable one that not only motivated the colleagues but also provided positive examples for the other countries.

The team discussed their own Behn Meyer brands on June 19th and talked about how to best position them in the market. A brainstorming session also took place at the beach bar with the process of sharing information both formally and informally ensuring a good exchange that certainly kept the whole team busy over the three days.

The colleagues also managed to visit some nice restaurants in the evenings and very much enjoyed the delicious Balinese dishes.
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