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BM Food Ingredients: 4 July 2022
Regional Food Ingredients Meeting 13-16 Jun 2022 - Bangkok

On 13 June 22, 41 colleagues from 10 countries (Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Taiwan, Australia, and Italy) participated in the Regional Food Ingredients Meeting held in Bangkok. This was Behn Meyer's first regional meeting for the business unit after two years of travel restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The meeting session, which was conducted on the 13th and 14th, started with a sharing on vegetable fibre blended products applied in processed meat. Mr Ivo Gammarota led this part and introduced Mr. Peter Tannahill and colleagues from Myosyn Industries in Australia. The session shed light on some key ingredients used in various applications of meat products. It also included a taste test, allowing the team members to share their views and discuss the products created by the R&D team.

Processed meats and seafood are some of the segments the Food Regional Group is targeting to develop vigorously in the next few years. As the segment is still growing, we foresee an upward trend in this market, especially with regard to plant-based products.

On the morning of the 15th, the meeting participants and colleagues from the Personal Care division joined a 3-hour bike tour stroll through Bangkok's historic Chinatown. Here, Sino-Thai culture has been evolving since the beginning of the Chakri dynasty which was established over 200 years ago. As the group explored the heart of Bangkok through its frenetic environment and hidden alleyways, their sensed were also tingled from the tempting smell of street food and the vibrant hustle and bustle of the city market. The tour was very interesting and left a good memory for all participants.

Later that afternoon, the meeting resumed with country presentations. In the presentation, each country shared their business performance review, challenges faced as well as opportunities for 2022. All countries also presented their 3-year business development plans from 2022-2025 with a clear target for turnover, manpower and strategy. Wrapping the presentations was Ms Kim, who summarised the entire Group's performance, the forecast for the year 2022 and the plans for the next three years.

On the last day, the participants continued their meeting by discussing on potential group suppliers and key products to market. Participants exchanged information about the development of new products, new suppliers, new project wins, and previous failures so that everyone could learn from their mistakes and apply changes. The participants spent most of their time discussing BM brands (i.e., current product development, future products, and potential segments to explore). The in-depth discussions were aimed to align with the BM Group vision while simultaneously growing BM's sustainable products.

The meeting ended with a group photo. We are glad that everyone seemed thrilled to meet each other face-to-face. Through similar meetings, we hope to instil teamwork, and we look forward to seeing each other again in the next meeting.
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