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BM AgriCare: 5 October 2021
Newly Launched! bm AgriCare App: Your Mobile Crop Doctor

Plant diseases, pest infestation, weed pressure, and nutrient deficiencies are some of the most common dilemmas faced by any agricultural producer worldwide, regardless of their size. Knowing how to react to these challenges in a timely manner is imperative to reduce agricultural crop losses. However, not all producers are equipped with the knowledge to address these problems. We want to change that.

Now, farmers can get the solutions to their concerns via the bm AgriCare app. Available for both Android and Apple mobiles, this user-friendly mobile crop doctor allows you to self-assess the challenges you are facing and troubleshoot your field crop dilemmas based on images of sick crops. All you need to do is answer a few questions about your plant; then, the app will suggest some solutions and products to best treat your concerns.

Understanding how a misdiagnosis of crop diseases can lead to wrong treatments, the bm AgriCare app also connects users with our agronomist experts, giving users access to professional insights on how to fertile, weed, spray and harvest their crops. You can also get updated with the latest in-trend farming practices, fertigation management, and preventive measures used by farmers around the globe through our News feature.

In ensuring that solutions are available are at our users’ fingertips when they need it, through the application, users can browse our products, locate the nearest AgriCare supplier and talk to our sales representative across Malaysia to enquire about any of AgriCare products. 

We have worked with thousands of farmers across the Southeast Asia region, and therefore, we understand first-hand how critical preventive measures and precise diagnosis are in reducing crop production losses.
Through our bm AgriCare app, we aim to provide solutions that allow our users to identify possible nutrient deficiencies and treat plant pests and diseases as soon as possible, the best way possible.
Download the app, and start boosting your yield today.

Available in English, Malay, and Chinese.

Apple AppStore: Click Here
Google PlayStore: Click Here
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