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BM Leather Processing: 14 January 2011
New Smit-Zoon technology makes leather tanning safer
Making leather tanning a safer industry is the 2011 emphasis worldwide for Smit & Zoon BV of the Netherlands. Smit-Zoon is a leading international manufacturer of innovative chemical solutions for leather tanning and finishing, and one of Behn Meyer’s main suppliers for the leather industry.

According to Senior Sales Executive Mr Ngo Thanh Tung (photo/right) and Sales Executive Mr Nguyen Ngoc Phu (left) of Behn Meyer Vietnam’s Leather Division, they had previewed the latest Smit Finishing and Safetan product developments during the principal’s 2010 global agents meeting in China last August and were impressed with both the quality and safety aspects of the new products. 

The workshop and discussion session focused on R&D used by Smit-Zoon to develop new products which are intended to produce top quality leather that meets all applicable requirements and restrictions.  

Of the individual R&D projects, SAFETAN exceeds all the latest requirements of the leather industry. Safetan enables the tanner to produce consistently safer leathers without quality compromises, free of RSL (restricted substance list) and free of formaldehyde. The result is top quality leather chemicals resulting in far fewer rejections of leathers or final luxury articles. 

As Mr Ngo Thanh Tung points out : "Based on the appropriate organization and management of the event, we felt that the Smit-Zoon agents meeting is a useful activity in contributing ideas for the future development of products for the leather industry. Besides that, we received an update of innovative new products resulting from market sensitive R&D which we are currently introducing to customers."

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