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BM Animal Nutrition: 3 November 2021
New Launch: Sustainable Animal Feed Additives

The issue of greenhouse gas emissions is becoming increasingly relevant on a global scale, and it is also becoming a more affluent political issue everywhere.

One of the biggest contributors to carbon dioxide (CO2) and ammonia (NH3) emission is animal agriculture. This large amount of gas can inflict numerous negative impacts on the environment and animal welfare in the stables, which include soil nitrification and acidification, as well as causing oxidative stress to the animals.

To prevent this, Behn Meyer Animal Nutrition is launching three new natural and sustainable products with an experienced partner. These are pure botanical raw materials that consist of active ingredients like triterpene saponins.

Saponins are known to inhibit the urease enzyme, subsequently reducing both ammonia and carbon dioxide. The associated reduction in emissions increases animal welfare in the stable and animal health through the additional antiprotozoal effect in the intestine.

SapoVit Q
Consists of pure Quillaja Saponaria Powder and is mainly used to reduce emissions.

SapoVit QE
Has a guaranteed triterpene saponin content of at least 3.5% with the aim of increasing intestinal health effectively.

SapoVit EXL6
A liquid Quillaja Saponaria concentrate with at least 6% triterpene saponins. It is used, among other things, as a drinking water additive and in biogas plants to increase gas yield.
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