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BM Polymer: 18-19 November 2013
Regional meeting in Bangkok, Thailand
BM Polymers Group held regional meetings for the Plastics group and Rubber group on Nov 18 and Nov 19 respectively. Participants from 9 countries took part in the meetings with more than 40 staff coming together to present and exchange information on the 2013 business review, HSE for BM products and BM R&D leverage as well as the group strategy for achieving the Y2020 group vision.

The group’s unity and harmony was strengthened by a group dinner with special “Loi Krathong” activities at a lakeside restaurant.
(Loi Krathong is a festival celebrated throughout Thailand on evening of the full moon of 12th month in the traditional Thai calendar. The name could be translated and comes from the tradition of making buoyant decorations which are then floated on a river. Source: Wikipedia) 


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