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BM Polymer: 9-12 November 2011
M-PLAS 2011
Behn Meyer Polymers Manufacturing Sdn Bhd (BMPRM) and Behn Meyer Polymers Sdn Bhd (BMPR) together with Performance Additives Sdn Bhd recently participated in M-PLAS 2011, an international Plastics and Rubber trade fair which was held at the Kuala Lumpur Conventional Centre from 9-12 November 2011.
BMPRM took this opportunity to showcase their UV master batch ie UV stabilizer for plastics article which is the latest addition to their product range for the plastics industry. Besides this product BMPRM also produced a white masterbatch (BM WHITE*), a degradable masterbatch (Eco-degradant*) and a CC masterbatch (CC-fil*) for the plastics industry. For the rubber industry, BMPRM highlighted their chemical dispersions and emulsions which are widely used in the latex industry as well in dry rubber applications as an anti-tack.

Performance Additives which is part of the Behn Meyer group is a leading manufacturer of plastics additives with WPC additives products also showcased their products range. Most of these products are based on renewable resources which are available locally. Performance Additives use the brand name ULTRA-PLAST TP and ULTRA-PLAST WF to present and promote high quality specialty chemicals that can help processors to achieve a high quality finish, raise productivity and maximise their profits.
The focus for BMPR was more on highlighting new products from key suppliers while also emphasizing the existing products from major suppliers for both the plastics and rubber industry. EVONIK INDUSTRIES, who are the major supplier to PMMA mold compounds and sheet products for the plastics industry under the brand name PLEXIGLAS, also showcased their products range and finished parts made from Plexiglas molding compounds. They are looking to expand their activities in Malaysia to the Solar panel market by highlighting their Plexiglas Solar products which are recommended for the demanding lens and mirror applications for concentrating photovoltaic.

Solvay Specialty Polymers, who are one of the major suppliers of high performance engineering plastics, also exhibited their products range at the Behn Meyer booth. They offered three families of products - amorphous (sulfone) polymers, semi-crystalline polymers and two ultra-high performance polymers that can fulfil top physical and thermal properties required by end users and which are most suitable for processing to converters. 
SK Chemicals is one of the leading Glycol Modified Polyethylene Terephthalate (PETG) resin manufacturers in the world. PETG has outstandingly tough qualities, clarity, colour, chemical resistance and resistance to stress whitening. It is an environmentally friendly and high performance plastics resin which can be used for many applications by substituting for PC, PMMA and PVC. During this exhibition, SK Chemicals promoted their latest products in the PETG range under the brand name ECOZEN - an innovative Bio based BPA free transparent plastic with excellent chemical resistance, better mechanical properties and excellent processability. It is Eco-friendly and to be registered as a resin for food contact.
Chemtura, which is a US based company and a leading global supplier of Antioxidants, also took this opportunity to present their product range including intermediates & inhibitors, coupling agents, impact modifiers and UV stabilizer solutions. Chemtura also showcased their latest greener brominated flame retardant under the EMERALD series replacing the Decabromodiphenyl ether, Decabromodiphenyl ethane or other flame retardants currently used in the PS,PP,PE and thermoplastics/thermoset polyester resin systems.

Our established partners for the rubber industry, Tokuyama, OSC and Sin Rubtech, also participated as co-exhibitors. Tokuyama continued to showcase their precipitated silica under the brand name TOKUSIL which is well-known in the Malaysian market for white filler and used widely in the tyre, rethread, footwear, roller and condom applications. OSC showcased their Factice (VVO) range of products used in erasers and other applications while Sin Rubtech displayed their Polymer Bound Predispersed Chemicals (PBPCs) which have gained prominence in the Malaysian rubber industry. 

The response throughout the four days exhibition was very encouraging and we had a lot of inquiries from both local and overseas customers with some of these even being converted into firm orders during the trade fair itself. As a result of our success at the show we will certainly be giving serious consideration to participating again in the next M-PLAS which is scheduled to be held either in 2013 or 2014.
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