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BM Thailand: 26 August 2022

Leadership Training - Strategic Thinking, Planning and Execution

Strategic leadership is the capacity of a leader to envision, plan, direct, and get the most out of the resources available to carry out strategies effectively. In order for an organisation to adapt to or stay competitive in a changing economic and technical environment, strategic leadership is important.

To achieve this, last August, BM Thailand conducted a Leadership Training for all Heads of Department and Sales Managers on the topic of “Strategic Thinking, Planning and Execution” at Novotel Suvarnabhumi Hotel, Samut Prakan province, Thailand.

In the workshop, Dr Rat Tanadirek, a trainer from IPlus Training Institute, introduced the team to strategic concepts and how they can be implemented in the workplace. After Dr Rat had explained the theories, all attendants prepared their own strategy plans, and they want to put these ideas into action.
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