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BM AgriCare: 27 October 2021
Knowledge Sharing: Biochar for Sustainable Soil Health Webinar

"All knowledge does not reside in one man's head"

As a company, Behn Meyer AgriCare (BMA) finds it imperative for us to share knowledge and collaborate with those working in the same industry to empower each other and strive towards a better future for agriculture. As a testament to this commitment, on the 24th September 2021, BMA, in collaboration with the Malaysian Society of Soil Science had conducted a sharing session on “Biochar for Sustainable Soil Health in Southeast Asia.”

This time around, we invited Dr Rosazlin Abdullah, the President of Malaysian Society of Soil Science (MSSS) cum the Director of Smart Agroscience Centre, Universiti Malaya, to talk about the importance of good soil in agriculture and the newest technology being implemented in the sector.

The session was attended by 208 participants all over Malaysia, which consisted of farmers, fertiliser dealers, as well as plantation agronomists. We also had Department of Agriculture (DOA) officers and suppliers demonstrating their support by attending this webinar. All participants were given certificates of attendance as a token of appreciation from BMA.
Throughout the session, participants were highly engaged in the topics touched on by Dr Rosazlin, especially on the new solutions in the market and the fundamental technical knowledge necessary to ensure good crop growth. In the Q&A session, the speaker also touched on the future of biochar and how numerous literatures have shown that the usage of this specialised soil has many potential socio-economic and environmental benefits.

Dr Rosazlin also mentioned that as a response to the globally increasing demand for the AgriCare products, more studies are also being conducted to test the compatibility of these products with biochar soil. This is to see how these two elements can be utilised together to help farmers boost their yield and soil conditions.

From the feedback forms we received, 100% of our participants noted that they are willing to join our next session, indicating this webinar’s success. We can also see that this webinar serves as a great tool in helping the professionals in the agriculture sector get connected and acquiring new skills.

Therefore, we intend to launch another programme similar to this where we will partner with our principles to share useful knowledge that can be applied by our customers.
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