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BM AgriCare: 20 January 2021
Knowledge on the Move

Behn Meyer AgriCare Webinar Events in 2020

Dr. Rolf Härdter's (Agronomy and Advisory Head, K+S) presentation on nutrient use efficiency.

At the start of 2020, perhaps none of us could have guessed that we would be spending much of the year quarantined, under lockdown or otherwise separated from each other. Without the usual opportunities to make our usual visits and hold our talks, workshops and seminars, Behn Meyer AgriCare turned to online avenues instead – modern solutions to modern problems.

A series of webinars were planned for knowledge sharing among plantations and agronomists in Malaysia. Invitations were extended over phone and email to our network, as well as through our closed Facebook groups.

Across the various online events, it was estimated that over 80 people participated in total, and twice that number attending offline in small groups with AgriCare’s sales representatives.

The main products that were highlighted during the webinars were ESTA Kieserite and Nitrophoska by K+S and Eurochem. Experts and specialists from the two companies joined us as the main speakers during these online events to talk about the technical applications of the products and hold live Q&A sessions with the farmers afterwards, which helped increase their understanding of the products.

Across all 8 events, the participants were deeply interested in the knowledge that was shared, and 100% of them reported that they would be willing to attend a similar event again in the future, according to a survey conducted on Facebook.

Encouraged by this positive response, Behn Meyer AgriCare is organising a full webinar programme for 2021, where we will again partner with our principles to bring valuable information to our customers.

Speakers and participants of the webinars. Some were conducted in Chinese for the benefit of the target market.
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