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BM Indonesia: 8 April 2022
Getting Ready for Endemic, Behn Meyer Chemicals in Indonesia Update Skills to Hybrid Selling Systems

The pandemic situation is gradually improving in Indonesia. Positive cases seem to be on a decline, and Government has already lowered the level of Community Activities Restrictions to Level 2. More Indonesian are also getting vaccinated, increasing the optimism in the community. Despite the possibility of a transition from the pandemic to endemic situation, Hybrid Selling Systems and hybrid working style are becoming more popular. 

In preparing our salespersons for the trend, Behn Meyer Indonesia had conducted a virtual training session on Tuesday, March 29, 2022. This training covered strategic ways to apply Hybrid Selling Systems with Mr. Vence Ginting from ActiveCoach as the trainer. Mr Vence Ginting is a professional trainer and coach for business and sales with 20 years of experience. In this session, he shared tips and strategies for a successful Hybrid Selling. A total of 64 salespersons from Behn Meyer Chemicals and Behn Meyer AgriCare had attended the 2-hours session. 

"To win the buying process with prospective customers, we should pay attention to some details in virtual meetings, such as lighting, background, and appropriate appearance," said Mr. Vence.

In addition, Behn Meyer’s sales teams were also suggested to effectively combine offline visits with virtual meetings. This strategy aims to make customers become more engaged with the salesperson and make faster decisions to buy products. 

As this strategy is very practical and relatable, many participants were excited to ask questions and wanted to know more on how to read customers' characteristics from across the screen. 
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