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BM Coatings: 27 - 29 June 2018
For the Benefit of Shipbuilding

Behn Meyer at PHILMARINE 2018 at Pasay City, the Philippines

The 5th Philippines Marine (PHILMARINE) Exhibition was held from 27 – 29 June 2018 at SMX Convention Center Manila in Pasay City.

PHILMARINE prides itself on being the only specialised Maritime, Shipbuilding, Oil & Gas and Naval Defense Industry Expo in the Philippines. At each iteration of the event, players and stakeholders from all relevant industries gather in the capital city of Manila to showcase and share the latest developments in technology, attracting the attendance of various groups including the Shipyard Association of the Philippines, the Maritime League, Marine Engineers Association and even governmental bodies such as the Philippine Ports Authority, the Philippine Navy and the Philippine Coast Guard.

The annual event is hosted by MARINA, a Philippine government agency responsible for the integration of development, promotion and regulation of the maritime industry in the Philippines, which operates the world’s fourth-largest shipbuilding industry. This year, Behn Meyer joined the event for the first time promote our partner Scott Brader’s range of offerings which includes gelcoats, resins and adhesives.

During the exhibition, Mr. Henry Meadowcroft, the Regional Technical Manager overseeing Behn Meyer’s Coatings business, gave a talk titled “The Vacuum Infusion Method in Boat Building”, which details a new method that would greatly advantage the boat building industry when brought into application. Following the talk, many manufacturers came forward with inquiries and to discuss the technical aspects of the product. Some even requested Mr. Meadowcroft to pay visits to their shipyards for a better understanding of the products offered along with their applications.

This has been the largest PHILMARINE exhibition yet, and more is expected to come in the future. We greatly enjoyed our time there and hope to be back again.
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