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BM Vietnam: 14 October 2022

Financial Supports for Students from Low-Income Family in Binh Duong, Vietnam

According to UNESCO, around 420 million could be lifted out of poverty if all adults completed their secondary education. This means that the number of destitute in the world can be decreased by more than half. While this figure is alarming, there are several obstacles to education, such as geography and the unavailability of resources, that can hinder children from completing their education. The biggest obstacle? Financial constraint.

In response to a call from Binh Duong's Children Supporting Fund, a government charity body in Vietnam, Behn Meyer has donated 40,000,000 VND to demonstrate our support for improving educational opportunities for impoverished pupils in the province of Binh Duong. This contribution serves as an encouragement and commendation to strong-willed students who are doing their best despite the odds.
We hope to grow our charitable initiatives so we can benefit more members of our communities.

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