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BM Coatings: 12 April 2022
Expanding Horizon: Behn Meyer’s Coatings Business Unit Discusses Sustainable Products for the Coatings & Construction Industry

Environmental regulations, combined with heightened consumer sensitivity to climate change, have resulted in a significant demand for environmentally advanced products, which has recently extended to the coatings and construction sector. 

Taking note of this, the Behn Meyer Coatings Business Unit (BU) had come together on the 30th March 2022 to deliberate on the new sustainable products and trends in the market. The virtual meeting, which was attended by 33 participants, was centred around "Biobase Paint, Engineering Stones and Waterproofing in Construction". 

As the webinar was very informational, there were many discussions during the Q&A session. The speakers also received an overwhelming number of questions from the Coatings team. 

With sustainability gaining more traction worldwide, many companies are focused on delivering products in an environmentally responsible manner. At Behn Meyer, we echo this vision and thus strive to provide eco-friendlier solutions for our customers through more of these sorts of discussions. This is also one of the ways Behn Meyer is growing its business in a more sustainable way.
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