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BM Rubber: 14 December 2021
Deestone Group - Annual supplier visit at BMCT factory, Rayong Thailand

December 14, 2021 -Deestone Group, Thailand's leading producer of tyres, has recently visited the BMCT factory in Rayong. The company, known as a manufacturer of inner tube covers and tyres for all types of vehicles, from bicycle to truck tyres, is also a long-time customer of the Rubber Division for BM Thailand. For years, BM Thailand has been sourcing various rubber chemicals for Deestone, including anti-tack agents, tyre paints, mould release agents etc. 

Seven representatives from different Deestone factories and departments (e.g., sourcing, purchasing, production, R&D, Q-Tech) came to our Rayong site to observe the processes involved in the creation of our goods. 

The factory tour kicked off with a presentation of BM Group's rich history and the expansion of BM in Thailand. Then, we also shared our most recent milestones and achievements, including the systems implemented to ensure SHEQ (Safety, Health, Environment and Quality) compliance, such as the ISO 14001, Silver 2020 Ecovadis, Thailand Factory extension in 2018-2020 etc. As we take strides towards the path of sustainability, we want to ensure that our customers are aware of our long-term commitment to achieve that goal. One of the goals we aim to accomplish in the near future is to be awarded a Platinum rating by EcoVadis. 

As the factory tour progressed, we received many enquiries and interests in our latest warehousing system, the safety measures applied in our factory, and the development of BM's new products. The walkthrough at the production, warehouse and laboratory area seemed to impress our customers at Deestone the most. In the past few years, BM has customised and individually formulated three products (i.e., tyre paints, mould release agents) according to Deestone's requirements. All of these products had showcased excellent performance which was well received by our client. Today, we let them see for themselves how the products we have worked on are created. 

Despite the pandemic last year, the Mould Releasing Agent (MRA) product usage was extended from one factory to four. Furthermore, the tyre paints BM has supplied to the Deestone’s radial tyre factory since 2012 have also been further customised to meet customer requirements and applications. Our effort to continuously improve the performance of our products managed to satisfy customers' demand in 2020. This was another successful co-development for a long-term business partnership for BM.

Before the tour ended, we also took a group photo for memory keeping. Through this tour, we exchanged ideas with Deestone and learned more about what they are looking for in a partner and what they want to deliver in their products. In fact, we received as much input from their side as we shared with them.

We hope that this activity is something that we can recreate with our other customers so that we can understand their views better, thus forging long-withstanding collaboration with them. 

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