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BM Animal Nutrition: 31 March 2022
Cooperation Between Behn Meyer Chemicals Indonesia and Hasanuddin University Set to Advance Indonesia’s Livestock Industry

The trend of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 is starting to become the focus of today’s businesses. Based on the statement by the Indonesian Minister of Agriculture at the end of 2021, the livestock industry has now entered a new era of IR 4.0. This new era involves a lot of technology in its business processes and focuses on effectiveness and productivity. To jointly realise the development of a better national livestock industry, Behn Meyer Chemicals in Indonesia signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Hasanuddin University, Makassar on March 17, 2022.

Prof. Dr Ir. Jasmal A. Syamsu, M.Sc., IPU., ASEAN Eng., from the Faculty of Animal Science, Hassanudin University, acted as the representative to sign the agreement. Representing Behn Meyer Chemicals Indonesia was Mr Teddy Candinegara, our Executive Director of Sales. The signing and discussion were held at the Head Office of Behn Meyer Chemicals in South Tangerang. 

Prof. Dr. Ir. Jasmal A. Syamsu, believes that this collaboration will have a positive impact on Hassanudin University's efforts to improve students’ competence while contributing to the Livestock industry through the conducted researches. Behn Meyer Chemicals in Indonesia welcomed this collaboration positively. In this meeting, Mr Ili Kusmidi, Behn Meyer Indonesia’s Executive Director of Sales, also conveyed the future activities and developments of the Animal Nutrition division.

President Director of Behn Meyer Chemicals in Indonesia, Mr Adhita Susilardjo, revealed that this collaboration would improve the sustainability of the livestock industry in Indonesia. In addition, Mr Teddy Candinegara highlighted that Behn Meyer Chemicals in Indonesia will always participate in the activities related to the industry's stakeholders to develop a competitive and responsible livestock industry for the welfare of the community. This collaboration will also expand the development of ways to maximise the potential of Human Resources and Natural Resources in Indonesia.

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