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BM Malaysia:  28 December 2022

Collaboration between BM Malaysia Personal Care and Seppic: One Day Seminar, Discover the Latest Trends & Technology in Beauty Care

A seminar entitled “Discover the Latest Trends & Technology in Beauty Care”, a collaboration between the Personal Care division team and our principal supplier, Seppic had taken place at Sheraton Hotel, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia on 30 November 2022. The main purpose of the seminar was to present the latest market trends and technologies in the beauty care industry, as well as the newest prototype creations from Seppic.

Leading the session were two speakers from Seppic; Ms Marty Lumain, the Asia Pacific Beauty Care Operational Marketing Manager & Senior Business Development Manager and Ms Grace Sun, the Customer Technical Service Centre Asia Manager.

Ms Marty shared hot market trends in the beauty care industry, such as Healthy Living (wellness, holistic beauty, exposome, inclusivity), Better Living (conscious beauty, waterless, earth-friendly, sourcing), and Super Living (sciences, customisation, digital).

She also presented Seppic’s most recent products which revolve around the key message “Youth is an Art,” an anti-ageing concept that offers proven-efficacy actives from marine biotechnologies, botanical extraction and plant-based chemistry.

Ms Grace presented Seppic’s New Formulations 2022 which follow the current industry developments and customers’ demands. One of the formulations highlighted was the ‘Stay Up Late Repair Mask’, targeting the younger generation who are often exposed to the blue light emitted by their laptop or phone screen due to the demand of their work and lifestyle in this modern era.
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There were also two mini workshop sessions conducted, highlighting two latest formulations from Seppic, namely Emul’SMART COMFY CREAM GEL (Stronger Emollience with a Fresh Beginning) and Emul’SMART GELTRAP™ (Multisensorial Experience Fresh and Cocooning.)

The Personal Care Division team has worked tirelessly in conducting the seminar by coordinating the participants’ invitations, securing the seminar venue, managing the crowd, as well as assisting the principal team throughout the duration of the seminar.
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A total of 50 participants were present on that day, making up a crowd full of enthusiasm. They seemed excited to be gaining new insights and knowledge which could be applied to their products. The participants were made up of personal care and skin care manufacturers, as well as toll manufacturers in the Klang Valley area. They are the key customers who we have exclusively invited to attend the seminar in order to have more engagements and further establish a close relationship with them.

We would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to Seppic and our key customers for their participation in making the seminar a success.
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