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BM Thailand: 10 December 2018
Coaching Essentials

Leadership Training Workshop in Bangkok, Thailand

On 10 December 2018, the management of Behn Meyer Thailand organised a leadership training workshop for all heads of department at Ground Fourwings Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand.

Leadership is an important and often defining factor in the success of an organisation. Therefore, through the training and equipping of the company’s leadership, this training was held with the hope that the company’s performance may be boosted to greater levels.

Given the topic of “Coaching Essentials”, Mr. Chai Indrakamhang, a trainer from Southeast Asia Center (SEAC) Co., Ltd. Was invited to school the department heads on effective leadership skills based on the Blanchard model of leadership, which is built on the principle of variable leadership, where the leader is trained to quickly adapt to a variety of situations, leading to both personal and corporate benefit.

The attendees paid rapt attention during the training and workshop, and responded positively during the evaluation session. We certainly look forward to a brighter future for the company built on solid leadership.
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