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BM AgriCare: 8 August 2019
Career Talk at Universiti Putra Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur

On 8 August 2019, over 200 students and academic staff from the Agricultural Faculty of Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) gathered in the faculty hall for an event titled UPM Career Talk, hosted by Behn Meyer AgriCare and supported by the Human Resources department from Behn Meyer Malaysia.

The talk was organised in order to bring awareness to the Behn Meyer brand and the possibility of a career with the Behn Meyer Group for the students, who will be graduating and joining the workforce soon. As a multinational group, we pride ourselves on our diversity and capacity for innovation, and among the ways to achieve these things is through the addition of new voices into our team who can bring fresh ideas to the table.

Pn. Shuhaiza Umar, an Admin Executive from Behn Meyer Malaysia’s Human Resources department, spoke first to give an overview of the Behn Meyer group to those in attendance, sharing briefly on the company’s exciting history of persistence, partnership and innovation, as well as the benefits of joining the Behn Meyer team. She also took time to promote AgriCare’s Education Fund Scholarship, which is offering tuition fee waivers to university applicants looking to study in an agriculture-based course.

Next up on the stage was Mr. Yong Ching Yun, an Area Manager from Behn Meyer AgriCare, who spoke about his journey so far with Behn Meyer. A UPM alumni, Mr. Yong had joined Behn Meyer right after his graduation, and has stayed with the company for more than 15 years since.

The attendees were engaged throughout and participative in the short quiz segment that came after the talks, in which AgriCare-branded items were given out to those who participated. After the event, some of the students stayed back to ask Mr. Yong further questions, while some others came to the booth that was set up to submit their resumes. Over the subsequent days, we continued to receive several more applications through our website.
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