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BM Rubber: 5 - 7 March 2019
Breakthrough in Technology

Behn Meyer at Tire Technology Expo & Conference in Hanover, Germany

From 5 – 7 March 2019, the Tire Technology Expo took place at the Exhibition Centre in Hanover, Germany. With more than 300 exhibitors and more than 5000 visitors, it is Europe’s most important tire manufacturing technology exhibition and conference. 

This year is the second time that Behn Meyer Europe is participating in this event with its own booth. Together with our team members from Performance Additives Europe and Behn Meyer Thailand, we welcomed many of our customers at our booth.

Besides taking part as an exhibitor, Dr. Joachim Bertrand, a director of the Behn Meyer Rubber division, was invited to speak at the Tire Technology Conference 2019 on the findings of his recent research. Titled “Breakthrough in Epoxidised Natural Rubber (ENR) Tread Compounding by Use of Surface-modified Fillers”, Dr. Joachim’s talk touched on Behn Meyer’s advances in linking ENR with silica compounds, a combination which might finally offer a sustainable alternative to SSBR in tire compounds. The lecture received much positive feedback, and many interested parties later visited our booth to discuss the topic in further detail.

Out of the 160 speakers who were given a slot in the programme, Dr. Bertrand was one among eleven whose presentations were noteworthy enough to warrant an interview on their backgrounds. The full interview can be read on the homepage of the official Tire Technology Expo website:

During the three days of the exhibition, we had many interesting discussions with existing as well as with new contacts, and we were able to get a holistic impression of the current situation and challenges within the rubber industry. The combination of our participation at the event and the discussion spaces offered by our booth was a total success.

We are looking forward to meeting everyone again at Tire Technology Expo 2020, which will take place from 25 – 27 February 2020.
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