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BM Vietnam: 3 January 2022
BMVN Animal Nutrition & Health: Service Commitment During the Pandemic Period, A Mark of Sustainable Growth
Covid-19 checking, preparing for the '3 on-site' model for business

As a part of Behn Meyer Group of Companies, Behn Meyer Vietnam Co., Ltd offers a variety of products and services in the food ingredient sector. This includes supplying imported additives and producing nutritional supplements for the animal feed industry. 

Even as a prominent entity in the sector, braving the challenges in times of pandemic was certainly not a walk in the park, as Vietnam imposes lockdowns and social distancing regulation to its citizens. The '3-on-site' model set by the government for all manufacturing companies in Vietnam was particularly demanding; as only a small number of people were chosen to work, sleep, and eat on "sealed-off" factory grounds to minimise the chance of virus spread through the population while sustaining operations.
The ‘3 on-site’ model for business
24/7 maintenance and servicing for the enzyme spraying systems

Despite the difficult circumstances, Behn Meyer Vietnam Co., Ltd's Animal Feed Division has always ensured that its service activities like enzyme analysis and webinar with customers; as well as its other social activities like online sharing are continued. We understand the importance of connecting with our customers and societies in these trying times, therefore we endeavour to do our best to uphold the relationships.

Throughout the pandemic, our engineering team had been on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to make certain that all the maintenance and servicing of the system run smoothly. Inspections and quantification were also conducted so that the spray system operated stably without error. The team was also always on standby to be able to respond promptly to customer requests or enquiries. 

Analyzing samples through the pandemic Covid-19
Creamino webinars
The BMVN enzyme analysis lab was also in operation continuously- checking and evaluating product quality and reporting analysis results to customers on schedule.

The impact of the Covid 19 pandemic had a substantial effect on the livestock industry in the past year, as it had resulted in the very high price of material and energy. This forces companies to reduce the amount of additives in their formulas and seek solutions that could help them minimise costs. In our effort to still provide the best to our customers, Behn Meyer Vietnam Co., Ltd and our nutritionist specialists had regularly discussed the optimal solutions to reduce the burden of feed costs for customers by implementing the smart and appropriate use of additives.

Staying connected to our customers was also a challenge on its own as the movement restriction impeded our sales team from physically meeting with their customers. Nonetheless, in making sure that the relationship with our customers is preserved, we regularly organised webinars and telco meetings to keep in contact with them. In fact, we had conducted webinars with more than 50 different feed factories, discussing new solutions that can be incorporated to boost Vietnam's livestock industry.

Undoubtedly, there were flusters last year, but a learning journey always has ups and downs, and we hope to improve our service and performance as we grow.
Spray, test water samples to develop the set of Biosafety products
Apart from the aforementioned service initiatives, we also concentrated on social interaction during the recent pandemic, particularly with young students. Behn Meyer Vietnam Co., Ltd has partnered with prominent universities such as Nong Lam University, Hutech University, and others on a regular basis to host online sharing sessions with young students. In the sharing sessions, our Behn Meyer colleagues shared about their working experience, strategies on work-life balance, as well as their motivation for study and work. 

At Behn Meyer Vietnam Co., Ltd, we believe that education is a crucial element for an upward mobility in life. With proper guidance from those who have succeeded, we trust that our youth can have a promising future ahead given that they put an effort in what they want. Thus, other than the sharing sessions, we offer scholarships to students with excellent academic achievement, with focus on underprivileged students.

This concludes the service and social activities conducted by Behn Meyer Vietnam Co., Ltd in 2021. This year, our strategy was focused on building a sustainable connection between us, our customers, and the society in which we serve. Ultimately, it is our hope that the spirit of aiming for betterment will be shared by the entire Behn Meyer Vietnam Co., Ltd.
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