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BM Malaysia: 15 February 2022
BM Malaysia Brings Some Lions into the Year of Tiger

In commemorating Chap Goh Mei, also known as the final day of the traditional Chinese New Year celebration, the Management of BM Malaysia has invited a troupe of Chinese drummers and lion dancers to perform at the Subang Jaya Office. On this auspicious day, all employees were seen to be donning red which signifies the vitality of life, prosperity and success.

The event took off with the burning of firecrackers which symbolises the dispelling of negative energy. Afterwards, employees were presented with an impressive spectacle of acrobatic lion dance backed by rhythmic drumming. During the performance, the lions were fed with oranges and ‘angpows’ (red enveloped) filled with money. In the Chinese culture, it is believed that when a lion visits a place, the place is bound to have good luck.

After the action routine was performed at the office compound, the lions moved to the different wings of the Subang Jaya office to give ‘blessings’ to the different departments.

The Lion, as a sign of strength, wisdom, and good fortune, is thought to dispel evil spirits and bring happiness, longevity, and good fortune. Therefore, through the blessed comical and scintillating lion dance accompanied with the folk drum performance, it is hoped that the Behn Meyer will continue to thrive in the coming years. 
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