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BM Animal Nutrition: 22 July 2022
BM Animal Nutrition, Indonesia at LEP EXPO 2022: Continuously Supporting the Dairy and Cattle Industry

With the aim to improve animal welfare and supply chain efficiencies within Indonesian production systems, this year, the LEP (Livestock Export Programme) Expo was held in The Spring Club Summarecon Serpong, Tangerang Banten, on 9 – 10 June 2022. As the exhibition entered its fourth year, it was officiated by Dean Merrilees, the Minister Counselor (Agriculture) of the Australian Embassy in Jakarta, and David Galvin, the Chairman of the Australian Livestock Exporters Council.

During the exhibitions, more than 20 exhibitors presented various presentations on technical products in the ruminant industry and conducted discussions on nutrition, animal health, infrastructure, and access, among others.

The programme, which was jointly funded by Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) and LiveCorp, featured a keynote speaker, Hermawan Kertajaya, the founder of marketing consulting firm MarkPlus Inc. Other notable presence at this exhibition included Nuryani Zainuddin, the Director of Animal Health, Directorate General of Livestock and Animal Health, from the Ministry of Agriculture.

Behn Meyer Animal Nutrition, Indonesia team also took part in the exhibition. On these two days, Behn Meyer brought some products related to the dairy and cattle industry, like Kalvolac, Zinpro, Klinofeed, Hilyses, and Intra Repiderma. In fact, Intra Repiderma had attracted most visitors to our booth.

As Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) in the cattle industry is becoming more prevalent in Indonesia, farmers and animal owners are actively searching for alternatives to prevent this virus from worsening. "Intra Repiderma can support animal recovery faster, especially on wounded food," said Angga Galih Pradana, Sales Executive from PT Behn Meyer Animal Nutrition division. Intra Repiderma is also a popular search because it contains chelated organic micronised minerals (copper and zinc), which can be activated from below, above and within the animal’s skin surface. The product can be used on dairy cattle, horses, sheep, and pigs. Apart from Intra Repiderma, Zinpro mineral essential, Kalvolac, Hilyses, and Klinofeed also attracted exhibition visitors.

On the second day, Suhail Basymeleh, the Sales Manager of Behn Meyer Animal Nutrition, presented a seminar on "Feedlots Management and Profitability (Refreshment)". According to Suhail, there are three points we must be aware of for profitable consideration. "First, cattle cost; second, selling price, and the third factor is the gain cost. To know the gain cost, we must put input cost and divide it by bodyweight gain."

In his presentation, Suhail also mentioned that for livestock to gain weight, there are four points that we must focus on. They are optimal nutrition, stress minimisation, technological integration and suitable feed additives. On nutrition, Suhail said that a "by-product" could also be used as raw material. The most important thing is to ensure the sufficiency of protein and energy. Meanwhile, for forage, a well-managed forage is better than a high-quality one. Suhail also reminded the attendees to add micro and macro minerals, as well as some vitamins, to the nutrition formulation.

Similar to any livestock, dairy cattle also require good water quality management. Thus, farmers must ensure clean water for the animals from arrival until the last livestock is sold. It is also good to have an extra water tank on arrival and ensure that the water bunk is cleaned at least once or twice daily in the first two weeks. Farmers should only clean the water bunk two to three times a week after two weeks. The golden rule for cleaning the water bunk is simple: the water should be clean enough for a person to drink from it.

This exhibition has allowed our Animal Nutrition team to learn much from our fellow exhibitors. We also hope our participation this year can help our local farmers protect and increase their dairy cattle performance.
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