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BM AgriCare: 19 May 2022

BM AgriCare’s Loyalty Rewards Program and Anti-Counterfeiting System

Today, the bm AgriCare app officially launches its loyalty rewards program and anti-counterfeiting system, which will give its members the flexibility and choice to redeem prizes for free from the menu items. Through this program, Behn Meyer AgriCare’s fertilizer users can also obtain the product authenticity information by scanning the QR code on the fertilizer’s packaging. From 20th May 2022 onwards, registered members can earn points through the bm AgriCare app. Behn Meyer AgriCare is making these improvements in response to the interests of end-users and as part of a broader push to continue to innovate the Behn Meyer AgriCare experience for Malaysian customers.

Being the first loyalty reward program in the agriculture market, the mobile app has been sleekly-redesigned to cater to all iOS and Android devices. This launch now offers a more personalized experience, bringing benefits, announcements, and exciting promotions to life through engaging and interactive in-app features for its members who use the bm AgriCare app regularly.

With the loyalty rewards program, members can now earn 10 points for every 50kg of fertilizer on selected purchases made in all Behn Meyer AgriCare dealer stores in Malaysia with their registered bm AgriCare mobile app. The points can then be used on Rewards, which can be redeemed through the app.

As part of the launch, Behn Meyer AgriCare will also be running a welcome gift in which, for every new member, an additional 10 points will be rewarded. Customers can join the loyalty rewards programme via the free bm AgriCare app. Download the app (available for Android and iOS systems), register for the program, and activate it by following the simple steps below.

Step 1: Be a Member

Download the app. Create a membership account on the Setting page to get started.

Step 2: Check Authenticity & Earn Points

Buy any selected Behn Meyer AgriCare’s fertilizer with an anti-counterfeit sticker and scan the QR code to collect the points. You can also use your member account to scan and check the authenticity of your products to make sure you get the genuine item.

Step 3: Redeem Your Points

As you earn points, you can redeem them for Rewards. Start redeeming with as little as 50 points.

Endless Extras

Joining bm AgriCare loyalty membership program means unlocking access to exclusive benefits. Say hello to freebies!

• Reassurance for you - We protect you from getting fake fertilizers.
• Fun freebies - Earn 10 points with every purchase of 50kg fertilizers, 5 points for 25kg fertilizers (selected products only).
• Exciting promotions - Receive the latest updates from Behn Meyer AgriCare.
• Priority support - Get in contact with our support team through the app immediately.

More Vitamins for the plant, More Points, More Rewards, and More to come soon!

Now available in English, Malay, Chinese and Vietnamese.

Learn more about bm AgriCare app here.

Apple AppStore: Click Here
Google PlayStore: Click Here

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