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BM Sustainability: 28 January 2022
Behn Meyer Sustainability Campaign 2021 Winners Announcement

Last September, we have launched a Sustainability Campaign calling out Behn Meyer employees across the globe to share with us their innovative ideas to make the company a more sustainable workplace for us all. Throughout the campaign, we had received a total of 38 project submissions from 7 countries. 

After tough deliberations due to a stiff competition, finally three teams were chosen as the finalists for the Sustainability Award held on the 25th January 2022. On the award day, the Top 3 winning team shared how the implementation of their ideas can drive the company and its operations to be more ecologically responsible.

1st Prize Winner: Malaysia
Project owners/originators: Behn Meyer AgriCare Malaysia
Project title: Soil Health as a foundation to Sustainable Agriculture – Investment into bio-innovation capability in future products development

Brief project description:
Improving soil health and quality is an integral step towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), specifically the Goals on zero hunger (SDG 2), climate action (SDG 13), and life on land (SDG 15). Hence, it is pivotal to start investing in internal bio-innovation R&D capability, capacity, and equipment that can support the development and production of the Soil Health range of products. At the same time, investment into education, promotion, and awareness campaign to the farmers, advisors, and policymakers on the importance of soil health in sustainable agriculture is equally essential to ensure the project's objective can be achieved. BM AgriCare Soil Health Initiative will encompass the following three pillars:
• Soil Remineralization • Soil Remediation • Soil Revitalization

2nd Prize Winner: Vietnam
Project owners/originators: Aquaculture Department – Behn Meyer Vietnam
Project title: Application of Innovazyme Pro AK product in handling dead bodies from shrimp culturing

Brief project description:
The project aims to solve the problems of handling dead shrimp bodies from shrimp culturing in a bio-safe, environmentally sustainable way, creating valuable products by using Innovazyme Pro AK product.

3rd Prize Winner: Thailand
Project owners/originators: Warittha Sontijirawong
Project title: Green Heart Zero waste

Brief project description:
Many people assume that waste is an unavoidable by-product and that we can't do much about. However, with proper knowledge and management, we can reduce the quantity of waste produced and reuse or recycle portions of it. Since the volume of plastics used for our product packaging increases every year, this project proposes applying new technology to reduce the quantity of virgin plastic used which can help to reduce environmental pollution.

The project also looks at education plans to promote awareness among employees, allowing them to have a greater understanding of sustainability processes and how to successfully carry out initiatives to meet our target. Our projects focus on reducing CO2 emissions, focusing on waste management, renewable packaging, and educational activities.

Our projects will be focusing on the reduction of CO2 emissions, waste management, renewable packaging, and educational activities.

1. Waste management
     1.1 Waste selection and management
     1.2 Waste buyer bidding and selection
     1.3 Installation of compression machine to reduce waste volume and thus storage area needed along with transportation expenses
2. Sustainable packaging
     2.1 Recycled packaging project
3. Personnel training and offsite activities
     3.1 Zero waste training
     3.2 Mangrove planting
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