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BM Group: 27 October 2015
Behn Meyer’s 175th Anniversary in Bangkok, Thailand
Behn Meyer’s 175th anniversary in Bangkok Thailand, was held in Pavilion Hall at The Grand Fourwings Convention Hotel, Bangkok during the evening of October 27th 2015. The lead-up to the celebratory event commenced with a photographic presentation of Behn Meyer Group’s journey from the early days up to the present. The photographs on display included Behn Meyer Group’s founder together with others portraying the development of the company logo as well as offices and plants in various countries. The hall was surrounded with an abundance of impressive photographs and those in attendance were also entertained by music from the live string trio band while being served with drinks and refreshments before being led to the main hall for the official celebration.

Mr. Prasonk Aramwittaya, who is Managing Director of Behn Meyer Thailand and also a member of Behn Meyer Group Board of Directors, gave a welcome speech which took the audience of more than 400 through the successful history of Behn Meyer business in Thailand. The speech was then concluded with expressions of gratitude to all the business partners, customers and staff who attended the event.

Dr. Fritz Kleinsteuber, who is the author of the Behn Meyer’s history book volume 3, then talked in depth about Behn Meyer’s Group history, the origins of the business and the principles of the founder of Behn Meyer.

Last but not least, Mr. Jens Kellinghusen, who is a member of Behn Meyer Group Board of Directors, was invited onto the stage with Mr. Prasonk to propose a toast to all those who were in attendance to celebrate the special occasion.

The Behn Meyer Thailand representative then continued the event with a storytelling session and presented a song entitled “If We Hold On Together” as thousands of balloons were released from the top of the hall. Meanwhile, the Behn Meyer Thailand staff presented a Thai jasmine wrist garland to each and every guest to sincerely express their gratitude and honor the dedication and commitment of everyone involved.
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