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BM Group: 17 August 2021
Behn Meyer: Paving the Way Towards Sustainable Future

Behn Meyer Group, in collaboration with Bloomberg, is excited to announce the launching of TBD Media's newest 50 Global Leader Campaign, a series showcasing business leaders that are revolutionising their respective industries.
Through a series of short films, the campaign discusses various global issues faced by different business leaders and delves into the innovations taken to overcome these challenges.

As one of Asia Pacific's leading chemical corporations, Behn Meyer talks about the importance of addressing the sustainability of its products for the future generation. Chemicals are used in every aspect of our lives; however, as the world population reaches nine billion, we will face a major environmental conundrum if the chemicals are not handled and disposed of accordingly. As Dr. Dirk Lorenz-Meyer, puts it "Sustainability is not a fashion – it's a necessity, and as a company, we are fully dedicated to it."

This documentary-style film highlights the global issue of soil nutrient depletion and how Behn Meyer collaborates with farmers in Southeast Asia to promote agri-sustainability by supplementing them with technical advice and organic products that are better suited for their produce.

It also explores the abuse of antibiotics in animal farming, and the overuse of pesticides in horticulture. Then, the film touches on ways Intracare together with Behn Meyer are accelerating the development of sustainable solutions to fix these issues using its cutting-edge technologies. 

Finally, the film features Behn Meyer's global team as the backbone of these innovations. Watch the TBD 50 Global Leaders short film here:
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