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BM Malaysia: 24 December 2021
Behn Meyer Malaysia Extending Aid to Flood Victims

24th December 2021 – Last week, Malaysia was hit with one of its worst floods in decades.

The unabated series of rain turns to a massive storm and flash flood that have swamped cities, displaced an estimated 70,000 people in Malaysia and has taken nearly 30 lives as of today. Unfortunately, 24 of our BM employees were also severely affected by this tragic incident. Some had their homes destroyed, vehicles submerged, and belongings ravaged by the unforeseen flood. All of these will take years to rebuild.

As an immediate response to this emergency, the Management of BM Malaysia has donated RM50,000 in total to the affected employees. Noting that there are also many BM staff who would like to contribute to their fellow colleagues, the company launched a donation drive to ease the victims’ plight. 

Through this collective initiative, we hope to alleviate the predicament of BM employees who have been the cornerstone of this company.

With the monsoon season and tropical depression forecasted to last until February next year, there are fears of impending floods to hit again. This flood also exposes the reality of climate change and how we are all responsible for ensuring that the world is a safer place for our future generations.

We wish for everyone to take care, stay safe, and support one another in this challenging time.
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