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BM Malaysia: 27 December 2021
Behn Meyer Malaysia Christmas and Year-End Party – It’s Time to Get Lucky

As we reached the end of 2021, Behn Meyer Malaysia was excited to host the Christmas and Year-End Party for its employees.

If in 2020 everyone was dressed in white, red and green, this year, Behn Meyer was ditching the traditional Christmas colour as everyone donned their best shades of orange.

The event started with a speech delivered by Puan Rohaya Muhammad, the Managing Director of Behn Meyer Specialties (M) PLT. In her speech, Puan Rohaya summarised the roller-coaster journey Behn Meyer had gone through for the past year and thanked employees for their effort throughout the pandemic. She noted that the company is doing great thanks to everyone’s hard work and conveyed her wish for everyone to continue working as a team so we can all flourish together.

For the main event, employees were asked to gather at the assembly area for a lucky draw. To ensure that all social distancing protocols were followed, the lucky draw was conducted by departments. Each employee would draw a number, then the management team will present them with a Christmas gift that corresponded to the number selected. Among the presents prepared by the company were chocolates, healthy food and body care products from different brands like Bath and Body Works, Starbucks and Yves Roche.

Feeling a bit fancy this Christmas, apart from the delicious pastries and sandwiches prepared for snack time, employees were also amused with an Asian fusion bento box. The combination of tori kaarage (fried chicken), teriyaki salmon, tamagoyaki (sweet-savoury egg roll), Japanese sticky rice, sushi, and macaroni had everyone feeling more than full that lunch. This day was certainly a challenge for those on a diet.

We know productivity and stress can make us forget that the office can also be enjoyable to work in. With this Christmas celebration, we hope to remind everyone that they also belong to a fun and collaborative group of people working under the same roof.

Although this year’s celebration is more muted, seeing everyone’s positive reaction towards this Christmas celebration, it is our hope to conduct it again in the years to come.

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