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BM AgriCare Malaysia:  15 May 2023

Behn Meyer Looks Forward to New Partnership with Singrow, The Startup Behind 'Climate-Resilient Crops'.

A Singapore-based agri-genomics startup called Singrow has opened a new indoor R&D farm in the country to create innovative crop types utilising its patented genomics technology. To establish franchise farms in Thailand and Malaysia, PREINO Co and TreeGrow Sdn Bhd (a customer of Behn Meyer), have signed an MoU with Singrow on 12 April 2023. Through the agreements, Singrow will be able to reach more climate-affected locations with its technology and climate-resilient strawberries.

One of the system's most notable features is the holistic approach to controlled environment agriculture, which manages every stage of the growth process from seed breeding to harvesting. Contrary to other indoor farms, which either utilise off-the-shelf technology or develop software and hardware to exclusively support specific operations, like sowing or harvesting, Singrow's genomic technology uses custom software and hardware.

With Singrow's strategy, the company may breed crops that thrive in particular conditions (like drought) and later automate a large portion of the growing and harvesting chores.

Around 70 attendees from Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore, including representatives from the Behn Meyer AgriCare team, witnessed the signing session. As the attendees visited Singrow's newly developed R&D hub, they were seen intrigued by the cutting-edge technology created by the startup.

Behn Meyer is looking at becoming Singrow's plant nutrient partner and assisting the company in expanding its markets to cover crops like durians, mangoes and other fruit trees. Thanks to our extensive supply chain connectivity in the agriculture market, we are confident that we can facilitate the connection between customers and Singrow, simultaneously assisting Singrow in its expansion.
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