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BM Personal Care: 17 February 2020
Behn Meyer is Now an Official Distributor of Siltech Silicone Technology in South East Asia

Effective 15 December 2019, the Personal Care Division of the Behn Meyer Group of Companies has come into an agreement with Siltech Silicone Technology to distribute its products in Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, The Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.

Siltech has long been recognised as being at the forefront of creating innovative silicones for the personal care industry. Their range of patented and proprietary technologies extends from silicone polyethers to silicone quats and organo-modified siloxanes. These specialised products enhance various formulas by providing improved softness, shine, conditioning, detangling and emollience qualities. Siltech’s silicones are also used as emulsifiers for both oil-in-water and water-in-oil creams and in sun care products to improve stability and efficacy while also enhancing the product’s aesthetic qualities.

With nearly two centuries’ worth of experience doing business locally, Behn Meyer is uniquely positioned to bring Siltech’s solutions to the markets and industries in South East Asia.

We look forward to a long and profitable partnership with Siltech!
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