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BM Animal Nutrition: 18 February 2019
Behn Meyer is Now a Partner for Creamino in Southeast Asia

Following the termination of its supply agreement with Evonik at the end of 2018, AlzChem, the inventor and producer of Creamino, has been working on enlarging its worldwide distribution network by building up a network of sales and service partners to complete its direct sales force.

Behn Meyer is proud to be AlzChem’s exclusive partner for the distribution of Creamino, as of 1 January 2019, for the Southeast Asian region, covering Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

Creamino is an animal feed additive that provides additional energy for healthy growth. It has the potential to improve feed conversion, thereby reducing the amount of feed needed as well as the overall ecological footprint of feed production and transport. Additionally, Creamino helps build a more robust immune system in animals, leading to increased heat tolerance and lower mortality rates.

“Creamino is a new nutritional concept that simply works. It completes perfectly our existing range of natural animal nutrition additives,” says Dr. Dirk Lorenz-Meyer, Regional Director of Behn Meyer’s Animal Nutrition division. He went on further to emphasise that with Behn Meyer’s strong local presence in each of the aforementioned countries, customers will be able to benefit from on-site technical support as well as swift responses to their needs and problems.

Robert Alber, the Vice President of AlzChem Animal Nutrition, says: “We are proud to have Behn Meyer as our partner for Southeast Asia. This allows us to be close to our customers, ensuring a high level of technical and logistical support.”
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