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BM Indonesia: 22 December 2021
Behn Meyer Indonesia Takes the Initiative to Appreciate Employees' Sincere Effort for 2021

Many people across the globe have been psychologically affected due to the pandemic. Minimal physical contact with others can cause higher stress levels and loneliness, which subsequently can impact our performance at work. In order to improve employees' motivation, Behn Meyer Indonesia takes the initiative to create a better work environment for those who have been our rock. Thus, this year, we created an event to appreciate each other's hard work.

Behn Meyer Indonesia held a "Thank You Moment" event where the Management gave small gifts to all employees, including our cleaners, security guards and warehouse helpers. No one was left out. The gifts were given directly by M. Adhita Susilardjo, President Director of Behn Meyer Chemicals.

"Thank You Moment" event was held on 21st December, concurrent with the "Party of Gifts" event. In the "Party of Gifts" event, employees exchange gifts and say "Thank you" to each other for the effort and positive support in 2021.

This year is the second time Indonesia has hosted this event. We hope to keep doing this annually to cultivate positivity at the workplace. These events are to remind us to keep doing our best at work and not to forget to appreciate each other so that we feel positively supported by our colleagues.

After all the sincere effort in 2021, we wish for a better year ahead. Happy New Year 2022!

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