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BM Indonesia: 31 December 2021
Behn Meyer Indonesia Shares Happiness for Children in Orphanages

Based on data from the Ministry of Social Affairs in August 2021, there are around 4 million orphans in Indonesia, most of whom are cared for together in orphanages. This number is expected to increase in 2022, along with the number of deaths due to Covid-19 that causes children to lose their parents.

However, the situation did not take away the smile from these children’s faces, as seen during PT Behn Meyer Chemicals Indonesia's visit to three orphanages around the South Tangerang Head Office. On 27th December 2021, PT Behn Meyer Chemicals Indonesia distributed daily basic needs and cash donations to three orphanages; Panti Tunas Mahardika, Suaka Kasih Bunda, and Al-Ikhawaniah. The visit was part of BM’s 2021 Corporate Social Responsibility Programme attended by Mr Teddy Candinegara as the Executive Director of Sales.

During the visit, M. Teddy Candinegara encouraged the children at Panti Tunas Mahardika to have a positive outlook in life and study well. The representatives from PT Behn Meyer Chemicals Indonesia were warmly welcomed by the foster mothers and children at Panti Tunas Mahardika.

Before the visit by Behn Meyer Chemicals Tangerang Selatan, Behn Meyer Chemicals in Sidoarjo also joined the programme by visiting Panti Asuhan Bukit Zion and Panti Asuhan Sabilillah An-Nahdliyah. In Sidoarjo, the donation had given by Tan Jenny Kurniawati as Sidoarjo Branch Manager on 25th October and 26th October 2021.

We hope that, despite all the conditions in Indonesia, we will always have a sincere heart to help those in need.
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