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BM Indonesia: 30 August 2022

Behn Meyer Indonesia Learns Together About Financial Management

Last year, research from multinational banking on Financial Fitness Index showed that Indonesia's young generation only scored 37.72 for financial literacy. This score is lower than the ideal score, which is 75.

Along with digitalisation, we're seeing more millennials trying to get on the digital investment bandwagon. Unfortunately, many lack the cognitive understanding of managing their finances wisely and often fall victim to investment scams. The younger generations also tend to have a consumptive lifestyle that impacts their finances.

For employees, having financial difficulties and a lack of financial literacy can lead to personal stress and affect productivity. With this background, Behn Meyer Indonesia tries to educate employees on better financial literacy related to money management and investment. On Tuesday, 23 August 23 2022, Behn Meyer Indonesia conducted an online "Growing Together" session on financial management. This session is titled "Healthy Financial Healthy Us", with Ms Widya Yazif as the speaker. Ms Widya is a Certified Financial Planner with experience as a speaker.

In the session, Ms Widya shared money-managing tips, which covered income planning and the rule of money. Apart from input on financial management, employees also learn about the new digital investment trends in Indonesia. Because digital investment grows faster in Indonesia, people can easily invest their money in different instruments, such as mutual funds, bonds, and stocks. Nonetheless, before investing, we should be aware of our risk profile before choosing a portfolio. Understanding the risk profile makes it easier for us to handle the consequences and risks of investing money.

The session became more fun because employees demonstrated their enthusiasm for learning together about financial management. To conclude the session, Ms Widya highlighted the importance of having good financial management for the future, especially after the retirement age of 65. Healthy financial will also make us physically healthier and happier.
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