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BM Group:  24 December 2022

Behn Meyer Indonesia Celebrated Being the Super Team at its 182nd Anniversary

Behn Meyer Indonesia celebrated the 182nd anniversary of the Behn Meyer Group on 15 December 2022. The celebration was conducted physically at three locations – Tangerang Selatan, Sidoarjo, and Medan. With the theme "Be the Super Team", Behn Meyer Indonesia wishes to encourage all employees to contribute as a team for the organisation's success.

"The aim is to be a super team. Not a superman, not a superwoman, but a team. Here at Behn Meyer, we are not just an individual but also a team, a family. We wish to grow together, to move forward, and to collaborate for our organisation's success," said Mr Adhita Susilardjo, the President Director of Behn Meyer Chemicals Indonesia, in his opening remarks.

To make the event merrier, Mr Sarligan and Mr Teddy Candinegara joined the Sidoarjo Branch Office. In Medan, the Board of Directors of Behn Meyer Chemicals Indonesia and Mr Dwi Sapta, the General Manager of Behn Meyer AgriCare, also partake in the cake-cutting ceremony together with the Medan Office team.

Besides the celebration, the team also learnt how positive communication could bridge the generation gap at the workplace through "Growing Together" session. Behn Meyer Indonesia today comprises four generations in the workplace – Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z. And as different generations have different personal, cultural, social and psychological factors affecting their communication preferences, it is also crucial for those working in a cross-generational setting to understand how to recognise and adapt to these differences to work well together.

According to Mr Rahmad Barus, our esteemed speaker for the session, "the most important thing to note is that the younger generation wants to be listened to, and the older generation wants to be appreciated and they want to learn together."

By understanding the generation gap, the communication tendency of each generation, and how to solve conflicts, we hope to embody the 'super team spirit' and improve Behn Meyer's achievement for 2023 and the years to come. Happy anniversary, Behn Meyer!

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