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BM Indonesia:  29 December 2022

Behn Meyer Indonesia Appreciates 2022 with a Thankful Heart

Appreciation is about acknowledging a person's inherent value. At the workplace particularly, appreciation encourages positive connection and support for team members. This is proven by Glassdoor's Employee Appreciation Survey, which found 53% of the employees surveyed agreed that receiving more appreciation from their superiors would contribute to them staying longer at their company. Overall, giving appreciation is at the core of all healthy relationships.

Behn Meyer values trust in people and encourages its employees to treat everyone with dignity and respect. One way Behn Meyer Indonesia demonstrates its appreciation towards everyone for their achievements is by holding a Thank You event.
BM 25 Years Award

As Behn Meyer Indonesia strives to become a 'Super Team', this Thank You event is conducted annually to improve our corporate culture, simultaneously creating a healthier and positive work environment. During the event, Mr Adhita Susilardjo, President Director of Behn Meyer Indonesia greeted everyone at the office and shared appreciation gifts to recognise their achievement in 2022. The employees were also excited about the Party of Gifts, where we exchanged small gifts with each other as a sign of mutual appreciation.
BM 25 Years Award

This year's concept is to "appreciate everyone". Besides giving each other end-year gifts, we also prepared thank-you cards for one another to show our gratitude and motivate our beloved colleagues for 2023. We wish to maintain healthy and positive connections and improve our work culture for better achievement in 2023.
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