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BM Group: 31 October 2012
Behn Meyer Group launches its new corporate Identity
The Behn Meyer Group launched its new corporate identity in October 2012 with various events being held in Hamburg, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Jakarta, Ho Chi Minh City, Bangkok and Manila.

The new corporate identity was created to standardise the marketing materials within the group. It should enable all employees to create presentations, brochures, name cards, letterheads and other documents by following corporate templates and guidelines. A Corporate Identity Guide was created to set standards for the mission, vision, core values, logo, colours, typography, images and many marketing materials. 

The Behn Meyer logo was also re-designed within the corporate identity launch to give it a more modern and more dynamic look. However, the year of establishment of the group is retained in the corporate logo - "Since 1840" - to show the companies' tradition and persistence. The logo's facelift includes a new element which is an arrow to demonstrate the idea of "moving forward" and to emphasise the group’s strategy of expansion. 

Behn Meyer's new corporate logo appears below followed by additional versions for each business unit in order to improve individual business identification. 

Behn Meyer's logos for individual business units:

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